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I just learned that today is "Happy Roots Day." Had I anything to sell on here besides customized research and transcription projects, this would be a great marketing tool/theme. Instead, however, I will give you updates on the current company work. I have finally gotten my own Ancestry subscription! I have wanted one for years, and even with the business, there were many things that I could not do or afford on my own. Between myself and a friend, I purchased a one-month US subscription, and she got me a 6-month World Deluxe for Christmas. I feel very blessed, and I have been uploading trees and checking on connections as quickly as possible. 
My personal tree, I'm not as-worried about. My client's and friend's, yes, but noting horrible or crazy. I'm getting things done, but I need more clients.
I finished a project for Client 1 on Friday. Already I had finished the eleven-page transcription, added headings as needed, and had put the tape in for transferral to CD. In addition, found 8.5 x 11 digital scrapbook albums with digital photo add-on pages. 

Assembly and printing took about an hour. Though I was trying to find Archival-quality pages, the online resources cost at least $80, and there were no local resources that I could find. Instead, I used regular acid-free paper that was conservation quality. 

Assembly utilized a slightly tired roommate (I have three roommates and live in an apartment), screwdriver, and laying things together in such a way that it would all come back together again. Adding the pages was simple. Adding the cover heading did not go badly, either. All together, the finished product looked professional and was shipped off to the client's brother and sister (two copies) without incident. I was very pleased.