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Today I am in LA, celebrating Thanksgiving with an old college friend. As I was going through client documents, there is one that does not seem to belong, but I cannot place it anywhere. Thus, I am posting it online since everyone on the paper deceased more than one hundred years ago and it may be of-use to someone who is trying to find this family or this paper. It looks like it concerns a cemetery, or at least a family plot. This was found in McMillan family papers.

They deal with Blanche, Mabel, Mary A. Simons, C. Eugene Hickok, Herbert, Emilie, Lawrence, and Mabel I. Hickok, G.E. Hickok, M.A. Hickok, C.B. Hickok, Anstis D. Hickok, Emili J. Hickok, Lawrence Hickok, and F.W. Millier and F.E. Millier.                       
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